Good Neighbor Rat Control


A revolution in rat control via Contraceptive Deployment



Decrease neighborhood rats without poisoning other wildlife.

Rat populations are rapidly increasing in our cities and becoming a larger problem year after year. Your bird feeder can be an important part of our rat population control system.

Nature First has developed the Good Neighbor Rat Control System as an effective way to introduce contraceptives to rat populations, instead of the poisons now used. Our patent pending devise and system invites rats into a protective space where a contraceptive is offered.

Your bird feeder can now be utilized as an important part of our rat population control system.

Until now it has been very difficult to get rats to consistently approach and consume contraceptives. Nature First has perfected targeted contraceptive deployment for rats.

It is always difficult to get rats to accept anything new in their environment. New baits and foods are initially avoided by instinct. We introduce our fertility control bait in a setting that reduces their initial fears and promotes quick acceptance.  Rats feel more secure in our unit because they can easily detect and evade an approaching threat. As a result rats feel safer under the dome and will readily accept a new food (contraceptive liquid) with less fear and hesitation. 

We use a liquid fertility control bait in dispensers, secured to the ground underneath our dome shaped device. The attractive dome adds protection and shelter from weather and curious animals. This encourages neighborhood rats to enter the dome, and feel safe while consuming the fertility reducing liquid.

Seed spilled from your feeder by visiting birds has little effect on the rat population, but it is a powerful attractant that can be utilized to introduce contraceptives to a rat population.

After we install the Nature First Good Neighbor Rat Control System,  you will start to see a reduction in your local rat population. You will improve the quality of life in your neighborhood and become a quiet hero. Help us change the world by stopping the unintended poisoning of our urban eco systems with toxic rat baits.

Without continued consumption of Contrapest®, fertility will eventually return.

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