Should You Quit Feeding Birds?


there is no need to stop backyard bird feeding


Were you told to Quit Feeding your Wild Birds because of the Rats?

Did you quit because of rats? Feeding wild birds enriches our lives. Bird feeding and watching is the second largest hobby in the U.S. and provides real benefits for our mental and physical health.

The Nature First Good Neighbor Rat Control System is designed so that you can continue a moderate level of wild bird feeding. Your bird feeders will help introduce neighborhood rats to the fertility reducing contraceptive bait inside of our dome.

In most cases rats have already established a scent trail leading to your feeders. We locate our dome in your yard to take advantage of this trail. Rats visiting the dome are introduced to Contrapest® fertility reducing bait, manufactured by SenesTech. This bait station is secured inside of our patent pending Good Neighbor Rat Control System. Without continued consumption, fertility will eventually return.

Inexpensive seed mixes contain small hard millet seeds. Smaller wild birds do not eat them and toss them out of the feeder. This seed is avilable around the feeder, and is a favorite food for rats.

However, if you are putting out large amounts of sunflower seeds, nuts, and other high value food, you need to stop for a while. The rats will respond with more landscape damage due to their instinct to store excess food in tunnels.


The Good Neighbor Rat Control System.

Uncontrolled rat populations are usually a neighborhood issue not caused by one person alone.

The Good Neighbor Rat Control System give an individual to manage rat populations on their property and neighboring properties.

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No environmental food chain damage.

Urban and suburban areas across the country are experiencing a Rat Population Explosion, and the authorities have no idea about what to do about it. Pouring poisons into the sewers has little effect on the number of rats while it damages the environment. Kill traps and poison baits also have little effect on controlling rat populations, because what is termed Rat Math. Contraceptives not poison baits are they way to stop rat math and also protect the environment and other animals that feed on rats. Read More Here.

No Poison No Kill Solution.

Current rat control baits are toxic to the environment. We provide a livable and practical solution with our Good Neighbor Rat Control System Increasing rat populations is a neighborhood issue and not caused by a single person.

You have the power to impact rat populations on your Property and Neighboring Properties Read More Here.

What to Expect.

Rats rely on their impressive reproduction capability to compensate for their short life span. This short life cycle magnifies the impact that contraceptives have on rat populations.

Rat populations consuming the contraceptive decrease in size and become more stable. Read More Here.

Good Neighbors Make A Difference

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