Do Nothing


Rat control is about controling their population not doing nothing


Doing Nothing Can Have Profound Consequences!

When you see Rats in your back yard during daylight hours there are way too many or the environment to sustain.
You may feel helpless.

You may blame the city or a neighbor for the problem.

You may feel guilt, as though rat overpopulation is somehow your fault.

Rat populations are a Neighborhood problem, not an individual one

Consequences of inaction can be profound. Some folks are reluctant to let children play in the area. Dogs and humans can get sick from rat carried diseases, especially when they are older or already ill.

High populations of rats increase tunneling, digging, and damage to your home and landscape.

Rats are known to transfer disease to wild birds and poultry. And Thyphus is transmitted by the rat fleas.

Together We Can Make A Difference

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