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A New Revolutionary Process to

Feeding & Protecting wild Birds

While Naturally Controlling  Rat populations


We Have the Power to Impact Future Rat Populations, & We’re Doing Something About It


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    You and I will change the way urban rat populations are controlled.

We will pioneer the methods that enable some of our fractured neighborhood ecosystems to begin to heal.

My Good Neighbor System was developed because I wanted to know why my initial deployment of Rat Contraceptive products was a disappointment. I was not disappointed in the efficacy. I have great field reports that the contraceptive works.

My first placements were consumed in only 20% of the distribution boxes I was required to use. In 8 out of ten deployments, by an expert, me, the rats did not touch the product. In the other 20%, they drank all of the liquid bait and then chewed the containers to pieces because they loved it.


I have been making a living by observing Rat behaviors for 30 years. I do not use poison baits.



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