The Non Toxic Solution


Stop the Rat breeding while you are feeding 



Fertility Control Is The Non Toxic Solution

Increasing rat populations in our communities are causing significant property damage. Rats spread diseases, including typhus, especially among the homeless. Many rat control baits aren’t just lethal to rats, often times they build up or bioaccumulating in the tissues of other wildlife poisoning them as well. These baits have been the mainstay for managing rat populations, until now.  

Consider the better alternative. We believe fertility control, not poison, is the best way to reduce rat populations. The fertility management product we use does not cause sterility. It lowers fertility in males and females and after several feedings, has an average duration of infertility of 124 days, which is a big part of a rats’ life span! ContraPest® breaks down within hours of being consumed and does not bioaccumulate. It has not been shown to cause secondary poisoning of other animals.

Poison baits containing Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides known as SGARS, hurt and kill owls, raptors, crows, gulls, snakes, skunks, coyotes, foxes and other predators. We rely heavily on these animals to help maintain balance in our ecosystems.

Sadly, all too often cats and dogs are sickened and killed by eating poisoned rats.

You have the power to reduce the rat population in your neighborhood without damaging our eco systems . You can independently take action, and be a quiet hero, by choosing to use a safe and effective contraceptive, over the persistent toxins in rat baits. We believe greater population reductions can be achieved with fertility control than with SGARS and other poisons.


How Rat Contraceptives work

The Good Neighbor Rat Control System.

Uncontrolled rat populations are usually a neighborhood issue not caused by one person alone.

The Good Neighbor Rat Control System give an individual to manage rat populations on their property and neighboring properties.

Read More Here.

No environmental food chain damage.

Urban and suburban areas across the country are experiencing a Rat Population Explosion, and the authorities have no idea about what to do about it. Pouring poisons into the sewers has little effect on the number of rats while it damages the environment. Kill traps and poison baits also have little effect on controlling rat populations, because what is termed Rat Math. Contraceptives not poison baits are they way to stop rat math and also protect the environment and other animals that feed on rats. Read More Here.

Keep feeding the wild birds.


If you stop feeding wild birds you lose something special that you enjoy, for nothing.

We want you to continue a moderate level of feeding with our system. Your bird feeders will help control neighborhood rat populations. Read More Here.

What to Expect.

Rats rely on their impressive reproduction capability to compensate for their short life span. This short life cycle magnifies the impact that contraceptives have on rat populations.

Rat populations consuming the contraceptive decrease in size and become more stable. Read More Here.

Good Neighbors Make A Difference

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