The Solution to

‘Rat Math’


Rat Math is causing Rat Populations to explode


Nature First has developed a revolutionary system that utilizes a fertility control bait to reduce rat populations even as our clients continue to feed wild birds.


News headlines like these are commonplace.

American back yards invaded.
Rat sightings and damage on the rise.
Suburban eco systems in poor health.
Rodent damage to homes, property, in billions.

Nature First has developed An ‘out of the box’  New Rat Management System that features fertility control, not poison baits.

Urban areas across the country are experiencing a rat population explosion. Authorities rely on poison bait to control rat populations, in spite of the  practice having little overall effect on rat populations. There are unintended environmental consequences with the use of these persistent toxins that end up in our food chain.

We use the term ‘Rat Math’ to illustrate the phenomenal rate at which rats reproduce. Controlling rat fertility is the key to combating the ‘Rat Math’ effect, while protecting owls and other predators that feed on neighborhood rats. The image below shows the numbers of new rats produced from just one fertile female in one year.

Rat Reproduction Math

As you can see, one female rat and her offspring can produce up to 15,000 new rats per year. Current poisoning or trapping practices are not going to solve the the ‘Rat Math’ effect, because rats just breed to fast. The best solution for the rats and humans uses contraceptives to interrupt the ‘Rat Math’ breeding equation.

Rats are known to fear new things, and this behavior has caused many difficulties in successfully delivering contraceptives to rat populations. Nature first has been improving our fear reducing system for 3 years, and we are enthusiastic with the results.

Our system uses no poisons and helps the recovery of our toxin damaged eco systems.

Our system uses a fertility control product developed by Dr. Loretta Mayer and Dr. Cheryl Dyer. The product is called ContraPest®  manufactured by SenesTech.

ContraPest® is a contraceptive bait that when consumed, reduces reproductive capacity in male and female rats. While it does have lasting effects, it is not a sterilant and best results will be had when made continuously available.

“In my view, discovering and producing it was easy, compared to persuading wild rats to accept anything unfamiliar to them.” quote  R. Witten


The Good Neighbor Rat Control System.

Uncontrolled rat populations are usually a neighborhood issue not caused by one person alone.

The Good Neighbor Rat Control System give an individual to manage rat populations on their property and neighboring properties.

Read More Here.

No Poison No Kill Solution.

Current rat control baits are toxic to the environment. We provide a livable and practical solution with our Good Neighbor Rat Control System Increasing rat populations is a neighborhood issue and not caused by a single person.

You have the power to impact rat populations on your Property and Neighboring Properties Read More Here.

Keep feeding the wild birds.


If you stop feeding wild birds you lose something special that you enjoy, for nothing.

We want you to continue a moderate level of feeding with our system. Your bird feeders will help control neighborhood rat populations. Read More Here.

What to Expect.

Rats rely on their impressive reproduction capability to compensate for their short life span. This short life cycle magnifies the impact that contraceptives have on rat populations.

Rat populations consuming the contraceptive decrease in size and become more stable. Read More Here.

Good Neighbors Make A Difference

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