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The Nature First ‘Good Neighbor’ Rat Control System manages rat populations with a fertility reducing bait, not poison rodenticides.

The patent pending, Nature First Good Neighbor System dome unit is functional and blends in to your backyard.

At first glance, you would never guess that this good looking, discrete dome is the heart of a fertility control system.

The dome will be anchored under, or near an active bird feeder, or we will install one for you. We want you to continue to enjoy feeding the birds.  Just don’t put out other types of food at the same time. The cheaper millet seed that most song birds won’t eat, is preferred by visiting rats. Visiting rats will find and eat our special interior lure seeds. After a few visits, they will begin to enjoy the sweet liquid contraceptive inside of the dome.

We return after the first week to make sure everything is going well, and the rats are drinking the contraceptive.

Then we then return 30 days later to replenish the contraceptive. sanitize the equipment to prevent smells and possible disease vectors, that would deter the rats from using the unit.

We will schedule return service visits at appropriate intervals for the balance of the year, depending upon the situation.

You lease the equipment from us, and we do not allow any poison baits to be used.

It is important to remember that rats have their impressive reproduction capability to compensate for their short life span. This short life cycle magnifies the impact that contraceptives have on rat populations.

Rat populations consuming the contraceptive decrease in size and become more stable. This translates into a healthier rat population carrying less disease and not seeking to move into your home.

In our experience, daylight rat sightings should be reduced in 60 days, and all but eliminated in 90 days. You might see some rats in the area after dark, and this is as it should be.

Several studies and field reports show population reductions of 70 % can be anticipated by 7 months.

Factors can delay success.

Neighbors can put out rat poisons.

A dog or cat may urinate on the unit, although urine won’t deter a rat for long.

Nocturnal predators including owls will be attracted to the area and change rat behaviors.

Construction activity will change rat travel patterns.

Sewer line breaks, sewer grates and storm drains are often used by rats to access yards and enclosed areas.

A Blink camera systems are an inexpensive way to monitor what is going on.


The Good Neighbor Rat Control System.

Uncontrolled rat populations are usually a neighborhood issue not caused by one person alone.

The Good Neighbor Rat Control System give an individual to manage rat populations on their property and neighboring properties.

Read More Here.

No environmental food chain damage.

Urban and suburban areas across the country are experiencing a Rat Population Explosion, and the authorities have no idea about what to do about it. Pouring poisons into the sewers has little effect on the number of rats while it damages the environment. Kill traps and poison baits also have little effect on controlling rat populations, because what is termed Rat Math. Contraceptives not poison baits are they way to stop rat math and also protect the environment and other animals that feed on rats. Read More Here.

No Poison No Kill Solution.

Current rat control baits are toxic to the environment. We provide a livable and practical solution with our Good Neighbor Rat Control System Increasing rat populations is a neighborhood issue and not caused by a single person.

You have the power to impact rat populations on your Property and Neighboring Properties Read More Here.

Keep feeding the wild birds.


If you stop feeding wild birds you lose something special that you enjoy, for nothing.

We want you to continue a moderate level of feeding with our system. Your bird feeders will help control neighborhood rat populations. Read More Here.

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